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Learn about what people are saying about Dr. Carswell and her animal care services from West Palm Beach to Homestead FL.

"Excellent option for chiropractor health care for dogs. Dr. Carswell is kind and understanding of my dogs' issues and she takes the time to talk and listen. I highly recommend."

- Joyce A.

"Dr. Carswell was very knowledgeable and helpful. I felt informed in every process that she did to assess my dog's back. I learned a great deal from her one visit and look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Carswell. I highly recommend."

- Natasha B.

"We contacted Dr. Carswell when not much was helping our 15-year-old Shiba Inu with arthritis and are so happy we did. She set up a consultation and came out to our home to see him quickly. She has helped him immensely with mobility and pain management. As he is an old dog with arthritis he still has good days and bad, but the treatments definitely help him and I really appreciate how Dr. Carswell clearly cares about our dog and doesn’t simply push us to continue with treatments or purchase supplements if they do not work. We highly recommend Progressive Choice Animal Care. I only wish we had found her earlier."

- F & C

"Our dog was having issues walking and was prescribed pain killers and rest indefinitely without a concrete diagnosis. From the first visit he was able to walk and meds free!!! With regular adjustments, he was back to normal in two weeks. Thank you so much for your work, knowledge, and dedication, it's much needed! I have spread the word to everyone I know about pets because chiropractic adjustment for animals is not well known. Thanks again."

- J.P.

"My dog Remi hurt her back and was only walking on 3 legs. I took her to the vet who gave her pain medicine. A month later she was still on three legs. A friend suggested I find Remi a chiropractor. I found Tonya Carswell and Remi is now on all 4s after just 3 adjustments. I am now taking advantage of Remi‘s home chiropractor and I am getting adjusted as well. I would recommend Dr. Tonya to anyone and any fur babies."

- Lisa D.

"My lovely Doberman Daga was at a point where it thought I was going to have to help her over the Rainbow Bridge. She was having a really hard time getting up, staying up, and walking. Instead, I called on Dr. Carswell. With adjustments, exercises, and other PT she's regained her strength and has been enjoying daily visits to the dog park where we walk at slow to fast paces and even get to run together again. It's like a miracle."

- Ed W.

"I noticed my Layla (10 yrs) would limp after getting up from lying on the floor or bed. I didn't know what to do and I was at the point of calling the vet, instead, I called a friend who recommended I call Dr. Tonya, what a blessing. Her backbone (vertebrae) was out of alignment. After a couple of treatments each week for 3 weeks and then 1 monthly maintenance and the suggestion of a harness for our walks Layla is just fine. Thank you, Dr. T, Licks from Layla."


"Tonya is so awesome. Her knowledge is very impressive. She is always available when something comes up with our boxer puppy, "Kane" or if a question arises. As a chiropractor myself I am not easily impressed, but Tonya will deliver the finest chiropractic care for your fur babies! Chiropractic is so important for your pets, to allow them to live the healthiest life with as little medical or surgical intervention as possible!"

- Dr. Randy R.

"Dr. Tonya is an amazingly knowledgeable and caring chiropractor. She has been working with my dog for a couple of months now, and it’s like a miracle. My Axl was broken, and in bad shape. To see him now, you would never know, he is back to himself. We are both extremely grateful to you for helping us."

- Nancy K.

"In three words: Miraculous, Amazing, And angelic. She literally saved my dog's life, I would recommend her to everybody she's a wonderful person with a commitment and dedication To helping and curing Any dog that she treats. We thank God we found her."

- Richie M.

"I have so much love and respect for Dr. Carswell! I have a miniature dachshund who sees her regularly. She is so patient even with me. We know that dachshunds tend to suffer from back problems, but she goes beyond that. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain to you what’s going on with your dog and why. (I always have many questions) She shares different tips on how to protect my dog from future injuries. I trust her, and I have seen the benefits for my dog. We are so so happy to have found her!"

- Rayvette B.

"Dr. Carswell has been working with my beagle for about 6 weeks and my dog’s progress has been getting steadily better. He is only 5 years old but he was having a lot of difficulties moving around and tended to want to stay in his cage and wouldn’t play with the other dogs but now is moving around much better and has started once again playing with other dogs in the family. Dr. Carswell explains all treatments clearly and I would definitely recommend her if your pet is experiencing pain."

- Jaime C.

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